8 reasons to vote for the Community Constitution (based on the EOS Amsterdam Charter)

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    1. Legally sound. The Community Constitution is the only one drafted by a seasoned blockchain lawyer, co-founder of EOS Amsterdam. All other proposed constitutions have (unfortunately) important legal flaws.
    2. The Community Constitution was developed with participation from East and West thought leaders, reaching consensus on the content. It is the result of a truly worldwide effort.
    3. The Community Constitution provides clarity and allows for flexibility. It doesn’t create or sustain a legal vacuum where no one knows who is entitled to do what. It is conclusive. All of which greatly diminishes risks for token holders, devs and block producers.
    4. It limits voting to 1% and ownership to 10%). Which means it allows for whales, but prevents EOS being bought and ruled by one person. It creates a level playing field.
    5. The Community Constitution acknowledges that without persons or organisations that protect the constitution (judges, arbitrators), the constitution doesn’t make sense. It creates a market for arbitration with the clear understanding that the majority of the community prefers to automate the rules. It provides lots of room for agile development.
    6. It introduces fast and easy referenda to make community decisions.
    7. It limits the powers of the block producers to change the code to require that all changes remain within the Community Constitution.
    8. It acknowledges that it needs to be clear which rules will apply regarding disputes that originate under the old interim constitution.

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