EOS New York introduces the system which helps EOS Windows Smart Contract developer to write EOS Easy Contract

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    EOS New York does a lot of things to develop the EOS Mainnet and make it one of the best decentralized application development platform out there.

    How is it possible?

    The answer is simple: the goal is to make EOS accessible to as many developers as possible.

    The current problem that deters us from that goal:

    It is not easy to be an EOS developer on Windows. It can take hours to combine the technologies in a productive way and developers stumble upon many obstacles.

    What does EOS New York do to eliminate the problem?

    A lot of software developers use Visual Studio and Visual Studio code to develop software. EOS New York wanted to make EOS Contract development possible using these familiar tools, but at the same time bring all the advanced tooling that EOS has to offer along with it.

    The result:

    It would be possible to combine the best features of both sides and bring a very effective and productive result to developers.  

    Step by step resolving the problem:

    Developing a smart contract requires CDT, which can be done by creating a docker image or compiling under WSL, and is a complicated process on Windows. Even then, one must manually set paths for includes/libs make it difficult to setup intelligence.

    EOS New York created an EOS Easy Contract (EEC) to help the EOS Windows Smart Contract developer. This contract actually helps EOS developers to get started writing a smart contract using Visual Studio Code, in minutes without having to compile any software. Nor does it require knowledge of the complex EOS ecosystem used to build your contract.

    Even better:

    EOS New York prepared a whole tutorial designed to show developers how to use EOS Easy Contract to create their first smart contract on EOS.

    Additionally, EOS New York is providing EOS.NET and EOSpy, .NET/C# and Python libraries respectively, to develop applications that interact with eos.io chains in each respective language.


    As you can see, EOS New York really alleviated the life of many EOS developers and facilitated the process of writing a smart contract in a great way.


    The whole article from EOS New York on Medium can be found here: https://medium.com/eos-new-york/supporting-the-windows-eos-developer-eoseasycontract-tutorial-dev-libraries-7aa304f4a3c6

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