EOS – The World’s First Carbon Neutral Blockchain

DJ Blockchain writes:
I’m a firm believer that any critic of EOS doesn’t have an EOS account and has never interacted with the ecosystem. As a community we can make EOS accounts for our friends and show them the possibilities but I think BPs can do more. Or there needs to be a marketing fund that BPs can use to market EOS. There’s a serious disconnect between people within the EOS community and people outside the community. What can BPs do to help bridge that gap? Maybe the community needs to be taught how they can help move EOS forward

Fuzzy suggests educational eventsl hackathons in particular:

hackathons could be done in such a way that everyone who enters has to make the code open sourced once they get enough traction


Kenny | www.theeoswriter.io |  posts:

The World’s First Carbon Neutral Blockchain

Excerpt: Unlike Bitcoin, EOS is a third generation blockchain. It is based on Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm (DPoS) which greatly reduces the amount of energy required to power the network. As you can see from the statistics below…

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