The EOS Bureau of Investigation (“EBI” or “The Bureau”)

ZhaoYu | | wrtites:

How about FBI on EOS to facilitate governance? The EOS Bureau of Investigation (“EBI” or “The Bureau”)
its just a proposal I guess

Excerpt: The EBI’s purpose is to aid enforcement of the Constitution. The EBI does not hold any official authority to enforce; it rather aids in enforcement efforts by collecting evidence for cases to aid in the adjudication due-process. This is done by collaborating and coordinating with the official bodies: Block Producers and Arbitrators.

Sam Bourque replies:

Yes, it is currently a proposal, in that it relies on having sufficient participation and cooperation by BPs and Arbitrators. If you check out the git log, you’ll see that I wrote the Charter ? I’m collaborating with various BPs, and members of EOS Alliance to ensure that the checks and balances make sense… preliminary talks with Arbitrators too

By itself, the EBI won’t be able to affect anything. It all hinges upon having an “Attorney-General” appointed by community referendum that would prosecute cases on behalf of the Community Generally on Constitutional matters–not civil matter (i.e. between 2 members)

Alberto – EOS Venezuela  suggests:

Could we just try tu push a better discussion on the agenda, like REX or URI, that are phenomenal things that we could actually implement on EOS right now and would bring the right vision to the project ASAP.

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