Our team

Rhett Oudkerk Pool


An experienced entrepreneur, active in information security and compliance for more than twenty years. CEO and founder of Kahuna , a respected managed security services provider. Rhett has extensive experience with fast-growing enterprises, and is the lucky owner of a prestigious Deloitte Fast 50 Sustainable Growth award. With the expected exponential growth of the EOS platform, his experience is a very valuable contribution.

Jetse Sprey


Trained to become a techie, Jetse chose law over physics to become an inspiring legal advisor with blockchain law knowledge. He has twenty years of experience in all legal aspects of technology and is partner in a reputable firm. Jetse specializes in contract law, tokenization of ownership, digital governance, data protection and intellectual property.

Yannick Slenter


Yannick is focused on our community relations. He is an early Ethereum investor and an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is an expert at breaking down complex topics around cryptocurrencies and blockchain into relatable terms for cryptocurrency beginners. He has extensive experience as a community manager for a number of online and local communities. He is also regular speaker at several local cryptocurrency meetups and has been educating people about cryptocurrencies for many years.

Brian Lee


Brian comes from Nanjing, China and is a student of International Business at Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands. He has been living in the Netherlands for more than 4 years and joined the team in May 2018. Since he joined EOS community, he has been closing the communication gap between the West and China.

Brian represents EOS Amsterdam in the Chinese community and interacts with the Chinese EOS community to facilitate communication. For example, he cooperates with other Chinese Block Producers on a Youtube Channel called “WEOS”. He also writes and translates articles into Mandarin for the Chinese community.

He believes healthy competition through joint cooperation in what we we call ‘community’