Founding block producer for the based blockchain. Amsterdam based.

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We have people, budget and experience available to operate the block producer infrastructure. Our people have extensive experience in managing high profile banking, identity and website environments – and protecting them from cyberattacks including DDoS. We have been developing and operating trading platforms for multiple years. Our team is available 24×7.


We want to invest in building infrastructure and distributed applications that offer real value for our community. Our investments will most likely go to apps and dapps on topics such as on-boarding, identity, reputation, security and usability of the platform.


We navigate on global human values such as freedom, privacy and property. And comply with the European rules that have translated these values into laws. This means e.g. that we work on a privacy-by-design basis, as required under EU law. We advise on and try to ensure contract and ownership compatibility within the existing legal framework.


We organize meetups and workshops for developers, entrepreneurs, and investors to evangelize the power of the concepts behind EOS. We also plan to help on-board companies by providing lectures and on-premise training. Our team of crypto specialists focuses on helping to build and operate the infrastructure to support the EOS community.


Goedendag! We are EOS Amsterdam. Originating from the Netherlands, we have always excelled at global trading and connecting the world. This goes back as far as the seventeenth century. Our habitat? That is the capital of this country – a prosperous city with a well-educated, liberal and internationally oriented population. Additionally, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange is close by, which is the second largest internet exchange in the world based on the number of connected members and amount of internet traffic.


Because we are a legal entity registered in the Netherlands, we can be held responsible for our actions, changes, failures and investments. We stay in close contact with our community. The Netherlands is a mature democracy and a stable member of the European Union.


We consistently review our operations and infrastructure to find improvements. We believe that repetitive and marginal improvements result in a qualitative service.


Dutch, and especially Amsterdam people, are well known for their liberal minds and their open view to the world. It is the people’s minds that host such an important internet hub function.


We have a full-time involvement in the EOS community. Therefore, we have our ears to the ground. We know what the community wants and give back to them.


We collaborate closely with Kahuna, a managed security services provider in the Netherlands and Spain. This company will secure, manage and monitor our block producer infrastructure 24×7.


People, budget and experience; everything is already in place to set up and monitor the block producer infrastructure. The result? We are able to operate independently.


Working from Amsterdam means that we are as close as possible to the AMS-IX. Also, our multi-data center with fully synchronized nodes standby allows for high availability. With our server farm managed by an experienced team and 24×7 monitoring in place, we can ensure quick response times.

As EOS Amsterdam, we aim to avoid centralization by not using any of the popular cloud hosting platforms in the second stage. In the first stage, when the software only utilizes one CPU core, we will use the Google Cloud Platform to determine future sizing.

More information on our testnet servers can be found below.


Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX) AM3 hosts Equinix Cloud Exchange and AMS-IX, NL-IX. It connects with Vancis and NIKHEF providing access to hundreds of networks. AM3 is also connected to the Amsterdam South East campus and AM6, AM8 by Metro Connect. It is located 19km from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in Science Park Amsterdam

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AM7 interconnects customers to Equinix’s expanding ecosystem of cloud service providers, network carriers, financial service organizations and enterprise customers, providing new business prospects and opportunities. AM7 delivers exceptional energy efficiency, reducing its environmental impact and increasing operational efficiency.

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Boy Maas


A full stack software engineer who has been active in the internet industry for more than twenty years. Boy has worked in the telecom, website, gaming and financial technology sectors and is now fully engaged in the crypto space. He has extensive experience in setting up high available infrastructures and running mission-critical fintech applications, building distributed teams and keeping things moving forward. Read his personal motivations in a Steemit post he wrote: EOS Solid long-term choices grounded in idealism Upvoted by Daniel Larimer himself!

Rhett Oudkerk Pool


An experienced entrepreneur, active in information security and compliance for more than twenty years. CEO and founder of Kahuna , a respected managed security services provider. Rhett has extensive experience with fast-growing enterprises, and is the lucky owner of a prestigious Deloitte Fast 50 Sustainable Growth award. With the expected exponential growth of the EOS platform, his experience is a very valuable contribution.

Jetse Sprey


Trained to become a techie, Jetse chose law over physics to become an inspiring legal advisor with blockchain law knowledge. He has twenty years of experience in all legal aspects of technology and is partner in a reputable firm. Jetse specializes in contract law, tokenization of ownership, digital governance, data protection and intellectual property.


11 Sep
Summary of Telegram channels

EOS Amsterdam started writing daily Telegram groups summaries of the most important discussion groups. This will save EOS ecosystem an enormous amount of time that we can use to work on real problems.

We already were writing a daily Governance channel summary and translating this into Chinese and Korean since almost the launch of the network. This will continue.

2 May
EOS Amsterdam introduction Intro

Goedendag! We are EOS Amsterdam. Originating from the Netherlands, we have always excelled at global...

4 May
EOS Amsterdam - Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct provides the beacons to navigate by. We’ll keep course. At stormy seas and on calm...

15 May
EOS Amsterdam Blockproducer Roadmap

EOS Amsterdam is committed to become a reference Block Producer with regard to Security, Block Quality...

15 May
EOS Amsterdam Dividend position

EOS Amsterdam will absolutely not pay for voting either for BP elections or for worker proposals. We have...

27 May
EOS Amsterdam Stance on One Mainnet

To The EOS Token Holder Community, As the launch of EOS nears, speculation within the community concerning...

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17 Dec
Meetup 5: EOS Amsterdam returns to Amsterdam

EOS Amsterdam did a meetup tour in Den Hague, Arnhem and Amersfoort and is now returning to Amsterdam.
Location is tbd
17 december Time 19:30
(week later than previously announced)

1 Nov
Meetup 4: EOS Amsterdam meets Kahuna

Founding EOS Amsterdam member will be the host of tonight. AMA (Ask me Anything) style evening. Past, Today and Tomorrow of EOS. Explanation of the EuropeChain initiative.

13 Mar
Meetup #1: General Talk

It may be strange to go to The Hague for an EOS Amsterdam meetup, to explain, EOS Amsterdam is the name of the founding

3 Apr
Meetup #2: Governance and Arbitration

A Governed chain? What does this exactly mean? Join EOS Amsterdam to discuss this new phenomenon

8 May
Launchgroup Panel @ EOSRad

EOS Amsterdam will discuss the Trinity launch group progress on the EOSRad live stream

16 May
Presentation at PensionTech Summit 2018

EOS Amsterdam will speak about the impact of EOS technology on our pensions

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Transparency is one of the core values of EOS Amsterdam, as such we will give complete transparency on business structure and financial reports. EOS Amsterdam will work closely with the Dutch tax authorities to conform with all regulations. MTH Accountants will publish quarterly a financial report of EOS Amsterdam Block Producer B.V.

In order to be compliant to the regproducer Ricardian contract, we hereby disclose the explicit ownership disclosure in writing:

For any inquiries on the subject of ownership disclosure, please contact us and we will be happy to inform you to the fullest extent possible.


EOS Summary presents a concise, essential resume of EOS Telegram community. The Summary gives a crucial understanding of main points about EOS development and its current processes. It publishes all the ongoing announcements and news about EOS and its growth in the blockchain world. The Summary mainly highlights the most active users of the community by publishing their thoughts and opinions. It was created with the purpose of giving users the opportunity to save time reading and analyzing long chats. Now everybody interested in the EOS can quickly get the general gist of the community movement.

EOS Arbitration Public Chat

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EOS Alliance Open Discussion

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